Word of the Day: Find it, Speak it, and Show it

We invite you to join the Athenaeum  in the Pittsfield Promise  Word of the Day Project.  Research shows that Children who know certain words by a certain age  are more likely to succeed in life. Pittsfield Promise has created the Word of the Day Calendar to promote the learning of some of these words during the summer months, when most kids aren’t necessarily thinking about learning.

Here’s how you can put Word of the Day into practice in for your kids: Find it, Speak it, and Show it.

  • Find today’s date on the Word of the Day Calendar
  • Introduce the Word of the Day to kids you work with or see.
  • Ask them if they know the Word of the Day, use their answers to define it, and use it in a sentence.
  • Then use the Word of the Day in sentences throughout the course of the day.
  • Post the Word of the Day or Word of the Day Calendar on your blackboards, bulletin boards, marquees, storefront windows, reception desks, Facebook pages, websites.
  • Talk it up with everyone!

Pittsfield Promise is a 37- member coalition that includes politicians, representatives of local businesses, numerous community organizations, local law enforcement agencies, and regional and local educational institutions working to correct  early childhood educational deficiencies with initiatives that make use of support from the community.


About Berkshire Athenaeum

We are the public library for the city of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
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