EXHIBIT: Pontoosuck Plantation becomes the Town of Pittsfield: 1759-1762

To celebrate the official beginning of Pittsfield’s 250th Anniversary of incorporation, the Berkshire Athenaeum has placed on display in the main reading room of the library a number of original documents from the period 1759 through 1762.

Seven documents that bring the story of this brief moment in history to life were selected from the Athenaeum’s large collection of Pittsfield manuscript materials.

Included is the original 1760 Plan for the township called Pontoosuck drawn by Colonel William Williams; a record of 2 meetings of the Original Proprietors of Pontoosuck Plantation that were held on May 21st and May 30th 1759; a letter dated June 26th 1761 in which William Williams, writing to Mr. Henry Fowler, refers to the naming of Pittsfield by Governor Bernard; a document dated February 23rd 1761 calling the Proprietors of Pontoosuck Plantation to attend a meeting on the 9th of March 1761; a document dated August 18th 1761, which is a piece representative of early town meetings, called four months after Pontoosuck Plantation had incorporated as a town and adopted the name of Pittsfield; and two early town meeting notices with agendas dated February 22nd 1762 and  April 12th 1762 that offer a picture of the issues our founders were addressing just one year after Pittsfield’s incorporation.

As these documents must be protected from long exposure to light, they will remain on display only until May 18th, when another selection of original documents creating a similar vignette will replace them.


About Berkshire Athenaeum

We are the public library for the city of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
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