Ray B & Me, A Storytelling Performance:Thursday, April 14, 6pm

Don’t come expecting a lecture! Building on the work of Ray Bradbury, storyteller Darlene White delivers a lively evening of entertaining stories that pay homage to Bradbury’s remarkable clarity and prolific zest. “Ray B. and Me,” celebrates the art of the story, and honors Ray Bradbury’s influence on writers, and his contributions to the craft.

In a spoken word monologue, Darlene chronicles her dark and ironic beginnings in a …chaotic house with nothing to read (except for lurid weekly installments of the National Enquirer hidden under her mother’s mattress) moving on through the many twists and turns that lead to a satisfying and semi-normal life of books, writing, and regular dental appointments.

Her bold touch for the telling detail weaves humor meaning and mythology into her stories, ultimately offering listeners the deft and artful tale of a life truly observed.

This event offered as part of Pittsfield Reads!, a project federally funded with an LSTA grant administered through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

[Photograph by Michael Kalish and used with permission.]


About Berkshire Athenaeum

We are the public library for the city of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
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